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Boarding house

The state institution "Psychoneurological boarding house for elderly and disabled people No. 3 in Minsk" is a medical and social institution intended for the permanent residence of elderly citizens and people with disabilities who suffer from chronic mental illnesses and recognized as legally incompetent and in need of care.

It was opened on July 12, 1982 with a projected number of disabled and elderly equal to 340. On 4th of September 2012 the new building for 156 places was opened. Number of staff employees is 285 people.

There is a friendly and well-coordinated team of employees who take care of sick people with warmth and care in our boarding house. Also there are well-equipped offices: physiotherapy, dental, gynecological.

Much attention is paid to labor rehabilitation of disabled people. In summer, people with disabilities take part in the improvement of the adjoining territory, growing vegetables in the open and closed ground on the backyard of the orphanage. Residents have the opportunity to engage in amateur art activities.

Registration in the orphanage is made under vouchers of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Minsk City Executive Committee for permanent residence, temporary (for up to 6 months) and short-term accommodation (up to 1 month) for a fee.

In accordance with the main tasks, the boarding house implements:

1. Active assistance in the adaptation of the disabled to the new conditions;

2. Household appliance, providing residents with comfortable housing, inventory and furniture, bedding, clothes and shoes;

3. The organization of diet, taking into account age and health status;

4. Clinical examination and treatment of disabled people, organization of advisory medical assistance, as well as hospitalization of those in need of medical facilities;

5. Provision of hearing aids, glasses, prosthetic and orthopedic products and wheelchairs to those in need;

6. Organization of employment in accordance with medical recommendations, which helps maintain an active lifestyle.

Visitor's room is equipped in the boarding house to organize and conduct meetings with relatives. Joint work together with relatives of the residents is carried out to improve the life of the boarding house.